Empower Nurses to Save Lives in the Global Village


NTNGI is particularly focused on issues that impact access, delivery and quality of care to underserved patient populations. Such issues include:

  • Poor public’s perception and image of nurses.
  • Poor nurse–physician inter-professional relationship
  • Workforce shortages
  • Lack of access to quality nursing education/training
  • Lack of job opportunities
  • Lack of opportunities for professional growth or advancement
  • Poor infrastructure


Dr. Schola Matovu


Dr. Matovu completed both her Masters and PhD degrees at the University of California, San Francisco, where she is currently an adjunct assistant professor and also training as a postdoctoral research scholar to further advance her research agenda. For more than 18 years now, she has derived great professional satisfaction in caring for patients in nursing homes, acute care hospital settings, skilled nursing facilities, and in-home settings. Both personal and professional experiences have prepared Dr. Matovu for her current research interest in the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of older grandparent-caregivers for grandchildren who are affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Dr. Matovu has continued to assume leadership responsibilities and membership to several professional organizations, such as the Sigma Theta Tau International Society, California Nurses Association, and the American Nurses Association, African Research on Ageing Network, Gerontology Society of America; GSIA and International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Dr. Matovu continues to advance her expertise in the research process; advocate for older adults; empower nurses; assume leadership positions and greater responsibilities in professional organizations and advocate for the advancement of the nursing profession.

Dr. Linda D. Gregory


Dr. Linda Gregory was conferred a PhD in Nursing in 2017 from the University of San Francisco. For over a decade, Dr. Gregory’s work has focused on supporting underrepresented minorities in the nursing profession. Dr. Gregory’s research focusses on improving experiences of underrepresented minority students in graduate nursing programs. She is particularly interested in promoting academic success, psychosocial well-being and social integration of this population. Dr. Gregory’s experience in nursing practice, education, workforce planning, outreach and travel to East African has influenced her to expand her interest to seek and develop partnerships that promote nurse empowerment, leadership, professional advocacy, and strengthen the global voice of nurses. Additionally, Dr. Gregory is interested in nursing research as a means to improve patient care and overall public health. Her future plans include continued research that will contribute to evidenced-based development of meaningful, student-centered programs that will enhance the experiences of underrepresented minority students and increase the academic success of nursing programs. 

Executive Committee

Regina Achen

Committee Chair

Ms. Regina Achen is a registered nurse with a diploma in Comprehensive nursing. The majority of Ms. Achen’s nursing experience has been with private and/or cooperate sectors, such as Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation – Uganda and Joint Clinical Research Centre, where she has provided HIV/AIDS-related care for both children and adults. Due to the wide variety of skills learned, Ms. Achen has developed effective communication skill and professional growth and rapport with both her co-workers and patients. Ms. Achen’ takes prides in engaging her patients, especially the pediatric population, and in mentoring junior nurses.

Maureen Kafureeka


Maureen is a registered nurse who completed her Diploma in Registered Nursing at Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery and a Higher Diploma in Anesthesia at the Mulago Paramedical School. Currently, Maureen works as a consultant with Healthcare Quality Management Consultants, which provides quality management solutions and ensures compliance with international healthcare standards and accreditation of local hospitals. Maureen has also worked with several organizations including: 1) Kiwoko Hospital, in Luweero, Uganda, as a theatre nurse and also anaesthetist; 2) AAR (U) LTD in Kampala, Uganda, as an emergency room nurse; 3) King Faisal Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda, where she worked as a manager in the intensive care unit and a Continuous Quality Improvement manager where she coordinated the accreditation process and played a key role in the two-time accreditation of the organization by the Council for Health Services Accreditation of Southern Africa. Maureen is passionate about collaborating with other teams devoted to improving the provision of healthcare and patient safety services in Africa. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, swimming and reading.

Mary Grace Akello

Wellness Coordinator

Ms. Mary Grace Akello is a practicing nurse and currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public health and health promotion. Ms. Akello has experience in research and has worked with prestigious organizations such as Baylor Uganda, Makerere University-John Hopkins University, Mulago National referral Hospital and National Tb leprosy program. Over this time, Ms. Akello has obtained valuable experience as a research nurse, working with numerous interdisciplinary research teams. Some of the tasks she has participated in include, but are not limited to, research team training; participant recruitment and consenting ; and data collection and entry into database repositories. Ms. Akello enjoys swimming, watching movies, listening to music, knitting and crocheting in my leisure time. My life goal is to always help other people make a difference and see value in what they do to uphold humanity and dignity.

Winrose Murangira

Education Coordinator

Ms. Winrose has a 24-year nursing experience in different fields including emergency room , insurance case management, medical claims management. She currently works as an emergency room nurse in Lea Regional Medical Center, Hobbs New Mexico. Ms. Winrose holds a Diploma in registered nursing, registered midwifery, Health systems management and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at Grand Canyon University, Phoenix Arizona. She holds membership in several nursing organizations such as the American Nurses Association, Emergency Nurse Association and New Mexico Nurse Association. She is also a member to other community organizations such as Lions clubs International and supports different charitable organizations including Watoto Children. Ms. Winrose believes one of her hands should lag behind the other to pull up that new graduate nurse or less privileged, helpless or destitute nurse, with the intention to promote their professional growth and development in any way possible.

Daniel Ebiaru

Workshop Coordinator

Mr. Daniel Ebiaru has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Aga Khan University and is currently working as an Intern nurse at Mbale Regional Referral hospital. For more than 8 years now, Daniel has enjoyed caring for patients in hospital and community settings. Additionally, Daniel has worked with international Non-governmental organizations and held various roles including: as Case Containment Manager for the Carter Centre Guinea worm Eradication Program in South Sudan, and Service Provider with Marie-stopes International in Karamoja, Uganda. His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing patient care plans and delivering and coordinating patient care. In his quest to contribute to the reduction of Uganda’s disease burden, Daniel is pursuing a carrier path in public health in areas of Epidemiology, Research, Health Care Management, and/or Policy. Among other distinctions, Daniel has won prestigious professional awards including the Manager of the Year, twice, and Employee of the year; all in three years. Daniel’s insight, morals and work ethics have contributed to his dependability to both colleagues and superiors. Daniel loves dogs and enjoys travelling.

Irene Nagadya


Margaret Amoding

Publicity Coordinator

Ms. Margaret Amoding is an enrolled nurse who is soon to be registered by Aga Khan University, Uganda campus with a diploma in General Nursing. For the last one year, Ms. Amoding has worked as a call centre nurse with UAP Old Mutual Insurance Company, where she attends to both outpatients and inpatients’ medical inquiries. She has always had interest in operating theatre and has volunteered in medical and surgical field activities as arranged by her employer, church, and annually by the Uganda Orthopedic Association. Additionally, she is assuming a leadership role on the Nurse-to-Nurse Global Initiative (NTNGI ) committee as a publicity secretary. While at Aga Khan University, she won a one-year NTNGI Academic Scholarship. Through her concurrent participation in these clinical, professional and leadership activities, her knowledge and skills have greatly improved which is resulting in better client/patient experience and satisfaction. Ms. Amoding continues pursue opportunities for professional growth and to advance NTNG’s mission and vision as a patient and nursing advocate.

Annet Mbeiza

Ad hoc member

Ms. Annette Mbeiza holds a Bachelors’ degree in Social Sciences with Public Administration from Makerere University, Uganda; and a Certificate in Leadership and Management in Health from the University of Washington. Ms. Annette is the Office Administrator at Imprint (U) Ltd, a management consultancy firm in Uganda. At Imprint, Ms. Annette holds multiple administrative roles and responsibilities, including human resource management of recruitment processes and training programs. Additionally, she engages in execution of client projects, building both individual and organization capacity. Annette is an expert Administrator who has handled management systems for both internal and external communication and has coordinated office activities and operations while ensuring efficiency and compliance to both company policies and statutory obligations. Over her 9-years’ professional experience in both public and NGO settings, Ms. Annette has gained a wealth of leadership and management skills in capacity building and research. She also has strong mentoring, writing and advocacy skills, and is experienced in service delivery. Outside her professional realm, she engages in interprofessional collaborations as demonstrated by her role on the Nurse to Nurse Global Initiative committee and board as an ad hoc member. Ms. Annette maximizes her individual potential as she serves both God and individuals.

Rose Apio

Ad hoc member

Ms. Rose Apio holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Aga Khan University in Uganda. Ms. Apio has held various positions including head of the emergency and case management departments where she oversaw operations to reduce departmental costs, revenue augmentation and promotion of innovation, motivation and productivity of her team. Additionally, Ms. Apio has built valuable relationships with key stakeholders, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies overtime; a skill that has enabled her to foster collaborations that promote quality and customized patient care and build a sustainable and satisfied clientele. To further enhance her knowledge, Ms. Apio is partaking a professional course in insurance (CII-Diploma) which will equip her with additional skills, knowledge and value as an integral part of her professional team.

Advisory Board

Dr. Sally Rankin


Sally Rankin, RN, PhD; FAAN is a Professor Emerita and Associate Dean for Global Health in the UCSF School of Nursing and a Faculty Associate in Global Health Sciences. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner and her research areas of interest include HIV and AIDS and Malawi women; women and heart disease; and the nursing workforce in sub-Saharan Africa. Her NIH funded research has included women and myocardial infarction; unpartnered elders with MI and CABG; Chinese immigrants and type 2 diabetes; and the impact of Christian and Muslim religious organizations on HIV prevention. She is currently PI on a USAID-funded project to build the nursing workforce in Malawi and the co-director of a Fulbright funded project for Malawian and Zambian health care professionals on working with marginalized populations. Currently Dr. Rankin is working with UCSF Global Health Sciences to develop a PhD in Global Health and to create a fifth school at UCSF, the School for Global Health Sciences.

Dr. Carol Dawson-Rose


Dr. Carol Dawson-Rose is Professor and department chair in the Department of Community Health Systems in the School of Nursing (SON) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Dr. Dawson-Rose’s research focuses on translating HIV care experience from the patient perspective and translating these findings into clinical provider training interventions and programs. She was the PI on the federally funded HIV Intervention for Providers project, a collaborative RCT with HIV clinicians and HIV-infected patients in care that showed a positive effect on HIV risk behavior among patients whose clinician received the intervention. Dr. Dawson-Rose recently completed an NIH ARRA funded study (NIDA) on the impact of SBIRT in an HIV primary care clinic, comparing screening via computer or provider to assess for substance use among HIV-positive patients. She is currently a PI on a SAMHSA SBIRT grant to teach health professionals in both didactic and practice settings how best to reach and respond to persons at risk for substance use disorders in poor, disenfranchised, and vulnerable populations.

Dr. Kimberly Baltzell


Dr. Baltzell received her undergraduate degree in nursing from the University of San Francisco, her PhD from UCSF and her MS in Global Health Sciences at UCSF. She has been affiliated with the UCSF School of Nursing since 2006 and the Department of Global Health Sciences since 2011. She is currently the Associate Director of the Global Health Sciences Masters Program. Dr. Baltzell conducts research in Tanzania and Zanzibar focusing on diagnostics for both malarial and non-malarial fevers. Her research has been both qualitative and quantitative, with a particular interest in understanding how health workers make treatment decisions for patients in settings with very limited diagnostic tools. Dr. Baltzell is involved in the development of the UCSF School of Nursing global health minor. She has developed and teaches a course in Infectious Diseases as well as mentors students in the Clinical Scholars program. Additionally, she assists with the development of global health clinical placements for nurses. Dr. Baltzell continues her focus on global health education and mentorship of students from multiple disciplines. She also continues to oversee a malaria bed net program she developed for rural residents of Malawi.

Anthony Lagony

President and Entrepreneur:

Mr. Anthony Lagony is the President of Antogony Remodeling and Construction Company, a home-remodeling business within Northern California and East Africa. For over 25 years, Mr. Lagony has been in the construction industry, designing, building, woodworking, interior designing and remodeling residential homes. Over the years, Mr. Lagony has blended his skill as a builder with his vision of space planning and design. His greatest gift is to visualize in three dimension the finished project, to refine that vision on paper in the form of readable plans and deliver excellent and quality designs to his clients. It is this vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, resilient work ethic, precision, leadership, creativity and passion that Mr. Lagony lends to NTNGI on the various community and interprofessional activities.

For two consecutive years, NTNGI was recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative as a dedicated “Commitment-to-Action” in its efforts to address a significant global challenge.